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RM6F2 Series Inverter

The RM6F2 series inverter for small pumps and fans is suitable for small pumps and fans with constant temperature, pressure and flow control.
  • RM6F2
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  • RM6F2

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Product Features

Product Features

  • Constant Pressure Mode
  • Pump Shift Operation
  • Control Mode Selection
  • Water Detection
  • On-Off Mode
  • Noise Prevention
  • Over Temperature Warning and Fan Management
  • Water Shortage and Overpressure Protection
  • Manual/Auto Switching
PID constant pressure control function

PID constant pressure control function

The output frequency of the inverter is controlled by PID calculation to control the speed of the motor to achieve constant pressure water supply.
The inverter operation panel can display both the set pressure and actual pressure value, which is convenient to modify the required pressure point and monitor the current pressure status.
Interactive Operation Control Function

Interactive Operation Control Function

Two parallel inverters can operate the pumps alternately to avoid rusting and jamming caused by a single pump not operating for a long time and prolong the life of the pump.
Control Mode Selection

Control Mode Selection

E-mode(Equal mode)
Multiple inverters operate at the same speed to maintain constant system pressure.

F-mode(Full mode)
Only one inverter automatically adjusts the speed, and the other inverters run at full speed to maintain constant system pressure.

M-mode(Manual mode)
With multifunction input terminals, controlled by external contacts.
On-Off Mode

On-Off Mode

When the leakage level is outside the set range, the pump will start operation to maintain the system pressure, avoiding frequent start/stop and longtime energy consumption at low speed, and reduce unnecessary operation noise and power consumption.

Pump Protection Function

Parameter copying function for main and slave machines
Inverter parameters can be copied directly from the main machine to the auxiliary machine, so there is no need to set parameters one by one.

Water shortage protection
Cavitation prevention prevents the pump from operating for a long time and causing air cavition damage to the impeller. Dry rotation protection prevents the pump shaft seal from being worn out due to prolonged dry rotation.

Over-pressure protection
This function can be used to prevent pipeline damage when the system pressure is abnormal, the pressure is momentarily too high or the outlet valve is momentarily closed.

Parallel ON/OFF
It can be set whether the inverter is put into parallel control of the main and auxiliary machine.

Prediction and Maintenance

  • The operating hours, power supply hours and error records can be checked for easy maintenance planning and repair.
  • Over-temperature warning and fan management functions can extend fan life, reduce noise, save energy, and extend inverter life.
  • The fan is designed with modular quick-release design. Can easily replace the fan without tools to maintain stable operation.


Constant pressure/constant flow control of fans and pumps, temperature control of air conditioners, water supply systems for factories, water supply systems for residential and commercial buildings.

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